Classroom Projects
  This page provides access to several multi-disciplinary projects that were developed by groups of teachers who completed primary source professional development with the Barat Education Foundation.

Tens of thousands students completed these projects – so you can confidently bring them to your students.

Capture the imaginations of emerging readers with this fun-filled, cross-disciplinary activity book that helps students learn about and make personal connections to one of our nation's most memorable presidents. More than 30,000 students have already completed this project!
The Star Spangled Banner:
The Story & the Song (K-3 or 4-6)
Primary-source, multimedia presentations and hands-on, engaging, creative activities help students learn the lyrics to our national anthem while broadening their understanding of key events in our nation's history.
Connect students to special people and events that make up our historical record and form our American memory. Help them learn how they contribute to the ever-evolving American memory.
Through image analysis and project work students learn about the character and contributions of the Mount Rushmore presidents and determine what qualities and accomplishments lead to this lasting tribute.
Get your students hooked by connecting Facebook and history. What would our famous politicians post on Facebook if given the chance? Exploring their presidential portraits provides good insight into their psyche. Use this project to learn some new and interesting facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Then create your own portrait of what it means to be presidential.
Students become journalists as they analyze images from the Library of Congress Civil War collections and research the time period. Students then create a realistic multimedia newspaper demonstrating either a northern or southern perspective.
Our country is filled with heroes. Learn how to use digital storytelling to bring history to life for students and others. Then get students ready to investigate, capture, and present the stories of veterans and other local heroes.
Advertisements showcase products and the latest technology while reflecting life and society as we know it, or wish it to be. Using illustrations and their own imaginations, students analyze and compare/contrast historical, contemporary, and hypothetical print advertisements of the future.

The Barat Foundation YouTube channel: Students at Kelly High School explore leadership and leaders and learn to recognize the leaders in themselves.
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